Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Lecture Programme for Session 2011 - 2012

Graham Boyd has just finished putting together our syllabus for next year and it looks really interesting, covering a wide range of historical areas.  There is something in it to please everyone with an interest in history.

Kilmarnock & District History Group

Syllabus     2011-2012


4 October                  Barbara Graham          The 1715 Jacobite Uprising  

18 October                David Craig                 World War II - The Russian Convoys


1 November              Charlotte Rostek         Dumfries House

15 November            Colin Barbour             From von Braun to the Moon Landings

29 November            John Steele                  Finally Revealed – The Hidden Scandals

                                                                      of  HMS Dasher

13 December            George Watson           Victoria to Viagra


10 January                Professor Danny Gorman       The History of London Buses

24 January                John Burnett                           Crowds in 19th Century Ayrshire       

7 February                Professor  Dauvit Broun         New Light on Wallace &

                                                                                  The Declaration of Arbroath


21 February              Dr Ian Mathieson                    The Turning Point – Napoleon’s

                                                                                   Invasion of Russia 1812


6 March                    Dr June Neilson                      The Romans In Scotland

20 March                  Bill Fitzpatrick                        The Titanic – The Beloved, The Damned      

                                                                                  & The Forgotten