Friday, 16 October 2015

Important Message - Change of Speaker on Tuesday 20 October

Due to circumstances beyond her control, our speaker for Tuesday 20 October is unable give her talk on "Culinary Memories".  Cate Devine sends her sincere apologies and we hope to arrange another date for her to speak to us.
We are currently organising another speaker for that night and be assured there will be an interesting presentation.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Opening Night Tuesday 6 October 2015

Robert G Ingersoll


The first talk of the session will take place in the Lecture Theatre of the Kilmarnock Campus of Ayrshire College, starting at 7.30pm
The membership fee for this year remains fixed at £15, which can be paid on the night.  The Treasurer should be in attendance from around 7.00pm to receive your fees.
The first lecture is entitled "Burns and Ingersoll" and will be given by one of our own members, Robin Wood.  This sounds as if it will be an intriguing and informative talk and I include the following quote from Ingersoll on our National Bard.

    ......... to-night we are going to talk of a poet -- one who poured
out his soul in song. How does a country become great? By producing
great poets. Why is it that Scotland, when the roll of nations is
called, can stand up and proudly answer "here"? Because Robert
Burns has lived. It is Robert Burns that put Scotland in the front