Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New Website for Kilmarnock & District History Group

Look out for the new website of KDHG which goes live tomorrow (1st. September).  It has several new features which, we hope, are an improvement on the previous site.  Have a look at it from tomorrow and share your thoughts about it with us.  We look forward to your comments positive or negative.

Waterloo Street, Kilmarnock around 1900.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Fleming - Boyd Orr Conference Saturday 24th. September 2011

I'm delighted to say that there has been an excellent uptake of places at the forthcoming Alexander Fleming/John Boyd Orr Conference in Kilmarnock Academy on Saturday 24th. September.
Although the conference is free, it is essential for administrative reasons and to enable catering to be organised that you register in advance at:-

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lost Royal Navy Submarines Found - 93 Years On

It was a “battle” that involved no enemy contact whatsoever, that left two submarines sunk, 270 British submariners dead and which the Royal Navy kept secret for as long as it could. But now new evidence has emerged that sheds fresh light on the “Battle of the Isle of May”.

Marine surveyors mapping the sea bed off the Fife coast have uncovered the exact resting places of the two Royal Navy submarines lost in one of the most unfortunate, but also little known, self-inflicted calamities in British naval history.

Full story at: