Wednesday, 31 May 2017

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Monday, 22 May 2017

MacLachlan / Blocks at Barleith follow up

Further to our news articles of 2nd May 2017 ( see here  and here ) we received the following reply;

I know a little about Maclachlans - the family lived in Dundonald Road two girls, one being Jean, and a son, Scott. All went to the Academy. Jean was in my year and Scott a bit younger the other girl was older. I took Jean out to the pictures once or twice. 

The family moved south after Willie died. Jean was at Barassie some years ago when she brought her son to play in the British Boys Golf championship.I had not seen her for 30 years.
It was strange, her son is now a golf Pro and her married name is Torbet.... small world.

Re The Blocks Willie Ross was brought up there, he once told a meeting of railway men, 
"Its no blood I have in my veins its Engine oil "

JG Torbett

Can you help ? - burial plots in Kilmarnock

We have received the following message from Kerrie Bennett who is keen to trace the last resting places of some ancestors;

Many generations of my family are from Riccarton and Kilmarnock. Whilst much information has been passed down and research completed no-one seems to be able to find the location of burials of ancestors. I have obtained the death registrations, but these do not record where people are buried. All we sites have been explored but still no record of any Oliver or Wood for example appear to be anywhere. I was wondering if there were any former grave yards, where they may be. 
I will be visiting Kilmarnock in October and I would like to at least visit areas where they may have been buried if possible. 
For example my Great grandfather's two sisters, Janet Muir Oliver bn 24 Jan 1875, died 2 Jan 1883, and Sarah Hart Oliver bn31 Oct 1876, died 6 Jul 1882. These events took place at the Peace and Plenty housing block, as did birth of my Great grandfather and two other siblings. The family immigrated to Australia in 1886. As I know from family, their mother constantly wore the hair mourning brooch for the rest of her long life. It appears in a couple of the family photos recently found to be held by a distant family member.
It would be nice to be able to visit an area where they, and probably other family are buried.
I am not asking for any investigation, but just if anyone is aware of anywhere where they may have been buried at that time.Their Great grandfather was a mine manager at Capington Colliery and great grandmother's father had a shoe shop in Portland Street. All family seem to work in that mine from 1820's so perhaps there would be somewhere where families may be buried together.

Kerrie Bennett

If anyone can help can they contact Kerrie directly please? Thanks

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Catherine Young nee Symington - information request.

We have received an enquiry from Graeme Symington in Australia -

'I would be very interested to hear from any of your members who may have information about Catherine Young (maiden name Symington) 1826-1891. 

She lived in Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock.

Her youngest daughter Agnes Young (1858-1927) was living at 16 Mackinlay Place. Her children, surname Young, were: Catherine, Jessie, John,  Annie, Peter, Robert.
Catherine was a granddaughter of William Symington, the steamboat inventor.

Many thanks for passing on my enquiry.

Graeme Symington'

Click here to e-mail Graeme if you can help him out, or, send any information to us at


The Blocks at Barleith

Another request - this time about the 'The Blocks' or Railway Buildings at Barleith in Hurlford.

Mary Mackay from Ayr has asked the following;

- What was life like in The Blocks?
-Some addresses have '1/2' eg. number two and a half A Block etc. Why did some addresses have the half?
-What size were the houses? were some bigger than others?
-Mary's family moved premises. Does anyone know if this was likely because of a growing family?
-How was it possible to accommodate boarders / visitors?
-There seem to have been concerts on Saturday nights between 1920-1940.

It would be interesting to learn of anything you may know.

Please contact us at


Wm MacLachlan - Baker & Confectioner

We received a request at the recent Family History Fair at the Grand Hall to ask any members or website visitors if they had any photos which show Wm MacLachlan's Bakers & Confectioners at 7-9 Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock.

Can you help - or do you have any tales to share?

Please contact us at