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Lecture Programme for Session 2014 - 2015

Our lectures take place fortnightly, on Tuesday evenings between October and March in the Main Lecture Room of  Ayrshire College (Kilmarnock Campus), Holehouse Rd, Kilmarnock, starting at 7.30pm. We generally have an attendance of between 75 and 100 members at our meetings which last no more than 90 minutes.
Non-members are most welcome to attend any lectures which may appeal to them, but please remember that we have costs to cover and that we usually ask for a £2 donation in our tin at the end of the night.

   Kilmarnock & District History Group Programme  2014 / 15


7 October                    Alastair Robertson      ‘The Discovery of Lost Farming History
at Ducanziemere Cumnock’

21 October                  Ian Valentine              ‘Rudolf Hess’

4 November                George English           ‘The Reformation, The Flemish &
Scotland Today’

18 November              Jim Porter                    ‘Art in the Industrial Revolution’

2 December                 Dina Ward                  ‘Fabulous Tapestries’

16 December               David Carson              ‘The Clydebank Blitz’           


6 January                     Ian Mathieson             ‘World War 1 – The Home Front’

20 January                   John McHarg              ‘The Honourable Andrew Fisher’

3 February                   Neil Dickson               ‘A Victorian Teacher in Kilmarnock – 
                                                                        Hugh Dickie 1837-1910’      

17 February                 Hugh Watson             ‘The Gambling, the Winnings: The
                                                                         Dukes of Portland’

3 March                       Bob Holman                ‘Keir Hardie’

17 March                     Davy Brown               ‘Robert Colquhoun 1914 – 1962:                             
                                                                         Kilmarnock-born Artist’