Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Arctic Convoys

Last night, Graham Boyd and I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with our last speaker, David Craig, at his home.  He showed us many artefacts and photos which he had been unable to bring along to his talk.  He was also kind enough to show us his medals (both UK and Russian) and shared with us many stories which he had been unable to relate during his talk due to pressures of time.
A totally enthralling evening.  Thanks David.

Arctic Medal.For many years survivors of Arctic Convoys lobbied British Governments for the striking of a special Arctic Medal to mark their service in those waters in WW2. It all fell on deaf bureaucratic ears, the response being The Atlantic Star Medal covered such service.

Atlantic Star
Atlantic Star 1939-1945.
Recently the British Ministry of Defence has created an Arctic Star Emblem for all who served north of the Arctic Circle ie above 66 degrees 30 minutes North, for at least 24 hours in WW2.
This Emblem may be worn on the ribbon of either the 1939-45 Star, or the Atlantic Star.
Arctic Emblem from the UK Department of Defence
Arctic Star Emblem.
The design concept of the Arctic Emblem was agreed with Arctic veterans’ representatives. It is a small metal star, mainly enamelled white, with a red dot in the centre and above it a scroll with the words “The Arctic” in gold letters on a blue background. The star represents the Polar Star, the white colouring symbolises ice and the red centre represents the field of the flags of the USSR and Norway.

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