Sunday, 27 November 2011

HMS Dasher

Our talk on Tuesday 29 November is by John Steele, who is speaking to us about the history of HMS Dasher and its unexplained sinking on 27 March 1943.  John has spoken to us before, a few years ago now,  on this topic, but he has apparently uncovered more information about the ship and her tragic end.  He also believes that one of the bodies from the accident was used in the deception known as "The Man Who Never Was"; when a body was put into the sea by submarine in 1943 off the coast near Huelva in Spain; in an attempt to fool the German High Command about the Allied landings in Italy.  This operation is also referred to as Operation Mincemeat.
The following article makes interesting reading

We look forward to an informative evening on Tuesday


  1. Can I assume from some of the questions last night that the Steele's book doesn't have a bibliograhy? That would be a bit disappointing.

  2. Sadly there is no bibliograhy or references, so you are unable to delve deeper into this intriguing story