Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Romans in Scotland

Our speaker on Tuesday 6 March is Dr. June Neilson.

Dr Neilson's talk will start with a short background to the Roman conquest of Britain. She will then concentrate, chronologically, on the three incursions into Scotland by the Romans, under the command of:-

1.Gnaeus Julius Agricola, Governor in AD late 70s and early 80s
2. Emperor Antoninus Pius in AD 140s-160s and
3. Emperor Septimius Severus AD c 208-211.

These events will be illustrated by an examination of the appropriate literary and archaeological evidence. Finally, all these invasions will be brought together by considering their effects - the Romanisation of Scotland.

Dr Neilson has very kindly provided a list of recommended books, suitable websites and historical sites etc. to visit, for those who wish to delve deeper into the subject.

Photo - Roman Bathhouse at Bearsden

Recommended Reading

General Books on Roman Britain

SALWAY, Peter     Roman Britain. A Very Short Introduction OUP,2000                                                    
SALWAY, Peter                    A History of Roman Britain                         OUP, 1993

IRELAND, Stanley               Roman Britain. A sourcebook. 3rd ed.      Routledge, 2008

ORDNANCE SURVEY       Roman Britain. Historical Map. 5th ed.     Ordnance Survey,2001

Books on Roman Scotland

BREEZE, David J.               Roman Scotland. Frontier Country           Batsford, 2006

KAMM, Antony  The last frontier. The Roman Invasions of Scotland  N Wilson, 2009  

KEPPIE, L. The Legacy of Rome. Scotland’s Roman Remains. J Donald, 2004

BREEZE, David J.               The Antonine Wall                                       John Donald, 2006

RCAHMS                              The Antonine Wall 1:25000 map.              RCHAMS, 2008

Websites                            BBC                                       Kevan White                                                Group of enthusiasts                                                         Official site

Some Sites to Visit

Bearsden bath house

New Kilpatrick Cemetery

Bar Hill Fort

Rough Castle

Watling Lodge

Ardoch Fort

Bothwellhaugh bath house


Rome’s Final Frontier, Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow

Level One, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

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