Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year

A very happy and successful 2013 to all our members and all our on-line friends.
Tomorrow night (Tuesday 8 January) is our first meeting of 2013. The talk, by Lawrence Wyper, is entitled "Make it Kilmarnock". Lawrence is the Project Coordinator for this initiative.  Come along and learn more about it.

Make it Kilmarnock is a community-based initiative to stimulate the economy of Kilmarnock.

 Its aims are to facilitate:

the development of Kilmarnock as a dynamic business community  where people want to live, work and visit.
wide career opportunities for everyone, built on attitudes of success and achievement, especially among young people.

The initiative is focused on four inter-connecting themes for economic transformation

  • Kilmarnock’s vibrant heart

    creating a town centre that is lively, attractive and safe for residents and visitors
  • business nurture

    Business nurture

    developing a business community that is engaged, encouraged, accommodated and respected
  • education innovation

    Education innovation

    creating a lifelong learning community with unique opportunities and first class facilities for study
  • visitor attractions

    Visitor attraction

    developing a high quality visitor experience based on heritage, culture, shopping and hospitality

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