Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Quintinshill Disaster - 1915

Our speaker on Tuesday 19 February 2016 is Robin Nelson, a native of Falkirk now resident in Troon.

Robin is well qualified to speak to us about this terrible railway disaster, having spent a career in the employ of British Railways and more specifically in the Signal and Telecommunications Engineering Department.
In 1993 he was President of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers.

He has also been kind enough to recommend a few books relevant to the Quintinshill disaste, for those who want to study the incident further.
JAB Hamilton : "Britain's Greatest Railway Disaster : The Quintinshill Blaze of 1915" 
LTC Rolt : "Red for Danger" Newed.
John Thomas : "Gretna Britain's Worst Railway Disaster" 
Adrian Searle and Jack Richards : "The Quintinshill Conspiracy"
The roll call of the survivors of 1/7th Royal Scots after the accident

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