Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Blocks at Barleith

Another request - this time about the 'The Blocks' or Railway Buildings at Barleith in Hurlford.

Mary Mackay from Ayr has asked the following;

- What was life like in The Blocks?
-Some addresses have '1/2' eg. number two and a half A Block etc. Why did some addresses have the half?
-What size were the houses? were some bigger than others?
-Mary's family moved premises. Does anyone know if this was likely because of a growing family?
-How was it possible to accommodate boarders / visitors?
-There seem to have been concerts on Saturday nights between 1920-1940.

It would be interesting to learn of anything you may know.

Please contact us at  info@kilmarnockhistory.co.uk


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  1. Hi,
    My Grandmother lived at 32C Block Barleith. It was the end of the block nearest the road. She lived on the first floor. I remember it very well as I spent a couple of summers there when I was a child. This would have been about 1958/59. The toilet was outside on the landing. The house itself had two rooms. The main room was a kitchen/living room. It had two wall cavities for beds. I used to sleep in one of these with my Grandmother. From the main room there was a short passageway to another bedroom. The bedroom window looked out on the railway line.