Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lecture Programme for 2013 - 2014

Kilmarnock & District History Group Syllabus 2013 / 14


1   October                   Dr June Neilson       Romano – Celtic Religious Deities of                      
                                                                         Northern Britain

15 October                  Jim O’ Neil                  The Fenwick Weavers

29 October                  Barbara Graham          Spies of the Elizabethan Era

12 November             Caroline Wilkinson     Depicting the Dead – Joint meeting
                                                                                    with  KESS

26 November              Dane Love                  The Covenanters and Ayrshire          

10 December               Tom Barclay                “1263 and all that” – The War with
                                                                        Norway and the Battle of Largs


7 January                     Allan Richardson        Beith Furniture

21 January                   John Burnett               Robert Burns – John Wilson and The
                                                                        “ Kilmarnock Edition”

 4 February                  Frank Donnelly           Sir Alexander Fleming           

18 February                 Tony Mulholland       Lewis Fry Richardson – Joint meeting
                                                                                    with KESS

4 March                       Jim Boyle                    The History of The Royal College     

18 March                     Members Open            AGM  Plus
Evening                       Kilmarnock in the 1960s and ‘70s

Monday, 24 June 2013

Town Trail for Primary Schools

Kilmarnock & District History Group has been heavily involved in the production of a new resource for Primary schools.
A new education pack, prepared by local teachers working with ourselves, provides Primary pupils and teachers with the resources to investigate  sites of significant historical interest around the town of Kilmarnock.  It also highlights some fascinating information about some of the local landmarks  and about some colourful historic characters such as "Fiftywaistcoats".

The guide is packed with photos and illustrations of 12 key sites, as well as quizzes and flashcards for teachers to use. There are also follow-up activities for classroom projects.
The trail  makes good use of Robert Burns’ connections with Kilmarnock. The children are able to find out about his visits to the town and have the chance to match up some Scots words the poet would have used, with their English equivalents.

The Primary Town Trail project was initiated by Graham Boyd,our syllabus secretary.
Graham said,  “Kilmarnock has many historic buildings in a part of the town centre that has been designated an Outstanding Conservation Area. Sadly, some buildings were falling into disrepair, but the Council’s Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) has helped to fund the repair of these buildings in a sympathetic manner, acting as a catalyst for regeneration of the whole town centre”.
Shona Simpson, of Kilmarnock THI, approached Graham with the idea of developing a town trail specifically for primary pupils, with the innovative Scottish Curriculum for Excellence in mind.
Schools in and around Kilmarnock have all received the Town Trail pack and eventually other East Ayrshire schools will also get copies.

Graham Boyd believes the programme not only has educational benefits – but will also increase young people’s respect for their home town.
He said: “We asked children what their perceptions of Kilmarnock were and some were rather negative. We checked again after they’d been on the trail – and in almost every case they had a greater appreciation of the town and how it had been shaped.”
Alan Ward, East Ayrshire's  Acting Head of Schools, said: “This education pack represents the very best practice in collaboration between schools and their community partners.
Councillor Iain Linton, East Ayrshire's spokesman for Lifelong Learning, said: “This new Primary Town Trail leads you on a fascinating walk through Kilmarnock’s rich, colourful past.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Origins of Kilmarnock

We have updated our 'People, buildings, Landmarks & Events' page. Please have a look HERE
If you have any articles of local interest, please send them to us and we will consider publishing on this page for you to share with our members and visitors.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Photos of Kilmarnock -2nd June 2013

Why not click the link to our Facebook page and have a look at some photos we took last Sunday while having a trial run for your forthcoming guided walks?

Information about the walks can be found HERE

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Paisley Drain

‘Digging the Great Drain’ 

The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) is hosting a free public screening of a documentary about Paisley's medieval past at its Paisley Campus (P Block) on Friday 21 June 2013, 12.30pm.

The 33-minute documentary, Down the Great Drain, centres on the recent archaeological investigation of Paisley Abbey and its unique monastic drain. The drain has produced important artefacts and valuable information providing new insights into Paisley’s role as a significant religious, cultural and commercial centre in medieval times.

The documentary was produced and directed by filmmaker Tony Grace and narrated by Jane Robertson, who are both Senior Lecturers in the University’s School of Creative and Cultural Industries.

It was made by the University in conjunction with the Renfrewshire Local History Forum, with funding and support from Paisley North and Paisley South Local Area committees of Renfrewshire Council. The Renfrewshire Local History Forum has organised the recent excavations around the monastic drain with GUARD Archaeology Ltd. Historic Scotland will also be in attendance at the event.

A buffet lunch will be available after the screening and Q&A for project partners and collaborators.


Call 0141 848 3661 (between 9 – 1pm) for further information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jocelyn Turley, Administrator
Media Academy Knowledge Exchange (MAKE)
University of the West of Scotland
A211, Barbour Building
Paisley, PA1 2BE TEL: (0141) 848 3661