Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Rev.D Livingstone, Kilmarnock

Elizabeth Bell, from Murray Bridge in South Australia has a query about a second hand book she bought in Edinburgh many years ago.
Can anybody supply further information?

Elizabeth  writes:-


Jubilee Memorial of the Scottish Congregational Churches


I have a copy of the above book printed in 1849 by A.  Fullarton & Co. Edinburgh, London and Dublin.  This I bought many years ago from a secondhand book shop in

There seems to have been 'H & J. Jenkins' stamped on the frontispiece. Inside the book cover has been written, in good handwriting, 'Rev. D. Livingstone' and what appears to be initials, 'DGH',  Kilmarnock 2nd. April 1849'.

Beneath, in a lesser quality handwriting, is 'William Jameson,  Book a prisant. Janawary 1st. 1850'. Definitely misspelt!

I have wondered from time to time if this book would be of any historical value, and who this Reverend Livingstone was. I would appreciate any comments on this.