Thursday, 31 August 2017

Blocks at Barleith

Further to the request about information about the Blocks, we have received the following comments;

I saw that someone was asking about the Barleith Blocks. I have some memories of them as I spent a couple of summers there with my Grandmother when I was around 7, which would have been 1959.
My Grandmother, Janet Lundie (nee Cunningham), lived at 32 C Block. She had lived there all her life as her father started living there after he married and she remained there after she married my Grandfather. The Cunningham family was already living there in the 1891 census.
I remember the building well. She lived in the block nearest the railway and at the end of the block nearest the main road.
Her house was on the 1st floor, accessed by external stairs with metal railings. At the top of the stairs on the left was the outside toilet. Her house consisted of two main rooms with a short passageway between them.
The main room was a kitchenette/sitting-room. It had two alcoves for beds. I slept in one of these in a double bed with my Grandmother. Her other alcove did not have a bed in it as she normally lived alone. She used it for storage.
The second room was used as a bedroom. I think it may also have had an alcove but I am not sure. The window looked out on the railway line.
There were outside wash-houses.

Norma Watt

Monday, 14 August 2017

Tanker Ha' - information request

We have received the following request from Janet Kirby in Germany.

I am hoping you can help me. When I was a little girl my Aunt managed the Tanker Hall Children´s home on 79, London Road.
Due to problems in my own family I lived there for a while. I was incredibly happy there and even though I was only 5 at the time I fell in love with Kilmarnock. 

Now 45 years later, this love has not diminished. I have tried to find out more about the history of the place. 

I know that in 1911 a man called John Borland lived there. I know the place has now been subdivided into 6 flats. But I cannot find anything else. 

I would love to know when it was built, who owned it, when it became the property of the Church of Scotland. Who else lived there.

Can you help Janet? If so please contact her Here or contact us at the usual address.


Tidelines Book Festival; 21-24 September 2017

TIDELINES BOOK FESTIVAL       21-24 September 2017
North Ayrshire’s only independent book festival will be held again at Irvine’s atmospheric Harbourside. 18 events over 4 days will be focused on the Harbour Arts Centre, but also taking place in Puffers CafĂ©, the Scottish Maritime Museum, and Fullarton Connexions. There is something for all tastes, ranging from children’s events, to a wide range of authors, music, art and even a dramatization of a hilarious “whodunit”. Why not stay for a while and enjoy a meal or a drink at a harbourside eatery?
Kilwinning Heritage is once again pleased to sponsor an event, and this year it is Ayrshire’s Lost Villages on Sunday 24 September at 4.00pm in the Harbour Arts Centre.
Well-known Ayrshire author Dane Love has unearthed fifty villages that no longer exist. He talks about many of them and their associated tales from the “rows”, accounts of struggles endured and famous sons. These villages, often found in the most obscure places, were established near to where work was to be found, often in coalmines. Join us and ensure that these lost communities are not forgotten.
This year the Festival’s main sponsors are Specsavers Irvine. There will be a pop-up bookshop in HAC throughout the festival – and authors will be on hand to sign copies.
Tickets can be purchased on the website (booking fee applies) or direct from the HAC booking office in person or by phone 01294 274059 (no booking fee).

For full details and to sign up for email alerts, visit the website

Memories of Kilmarnock Academy

We have received the following request from Kilmarnock Academy who are seeking memories from alumni and alumnae - or perhaps their families. Can anyone assist ?

Kilmarnock Academy, Elmbank Drive, Kilmarnock KA1 3BS

To capture memories before they are lost, we are looking for people in the categories below to share their memories with us.

The oldest living ;
Former secondary pupil, former primary pupil, former teacher or member of staff.

Any former pupil who was a (age immaterial);
dux, sports champion, Ist XV/Ist XI player, swimmer in the school baths, Senior Prefect, cadet, guide, leading role in a Gilbert and Sullivan opera, participant in any school show, member of school trips particularly ones involving stays in youth hostels

Any other memories of Kilmarnock Academy not specified above welcome

Please contact or phone 01563 525509
The old fashioned method of writing to the address above will also suffice.