Thursday, 3 April 2014

Well Done Graham Boyd !!

Congratulations to our Syllabus Secretary, Graham Boyd, for being awarded the Civic Champion Award by Scottish Civic Trust for his Primary School Town Trail project.
Graham said it was an honour to receive the award but also pointed out that it was a team effort and he paid tribute to the time and effort put into the project by his team of local Primary teachers.  It was their contribution which made the project such a success.

Graham Boyd, nominated by Ayrshire Architectural Heritage Trust, has been the main driving force behind the Kilmarnock 'Town Trail for Primary Schools'.  His voluntary input in producing this invaluable resource deserves to be recognised along with all the other work he has done, much of it with the Kilmarnock and District History Group, to remember, preserve and promote the heritage of Kilmarnock.
The judges said:
"Graham has successfully brought back to life the history and heritage of Kilmarnock in an accessible and fascinating new resource.  Not only does the Town Trail tell the story of Kilmarnock for young people but it promotes civic pride and respect for place and people.  It is a terrific voluntary effort with lasting impact."

We should all be proud of Graham and his team.