Friday, 4 March 2011

South Ayrshire History Fair

Anyone with an interest in the history of Ayrshire should note the following event in their diary.  It promises to be a great programme, covering a wide range of topics.

South Ayrshire History Fair

4th June 2011, Walker Halls, Troon

Dr John Burnett, Curator of Scottish Ethnology, National Museums of Scotland,
"Glasgow Fair 1840 - 1914: Doon the watter to Ayrshire"

Tom Barclay, Local Studies Librarian, Souith Ayrshire Council,
"Glimpses of Dark Age Ayrshire 400 AD - 1100 AD: An overview of the evidence."

Dr Matthew Hammond, Lecturer in Scottish History, University of Edinburgh,
"South Ayrshire and the Paradox of Medieval Scotland database: Earldom, Abbey and Burgh in the Central Middle Ages."

George Geddes, Archaeological Investigator, RCAHMS, and co-author of "The Archaeological Landscape of Bute (RCAHMS, 2010),
"An Introduction to Ancient Bute."

Prices for the talks are £10 for the day.
Single talk tickets are also available priced £3 for one, or £5.00 for two.

There will also be a large range of stalls available from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. These will include: Family History Societies, Local and National History Organisations and professional and commercial businesses.

There will also be a specialist Scottish bookshop present.
Admission to the stalls is free.

For more information contact:

South Ayrshire Local History Library 01292 272231

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