Monday, 10 December 2012

Guide to Kilmarnock 1893

Guide to Kilmarnock and the Burnsiana of the Town and District, 1893

This excellent little guide was printed in 1893 by D. Brown & Co. of King Street, Kilmarnock. It is a wonderful snapshot of the area c1890s, including its advertisements for the likes of the George Hotel and Ossington Coffee Tavern (“Ossington Reading Room – Strangers, One Penny Per Visit”).
It serves as a tourist guide, rejoicing in the town’s literary heritage while celebrating it’s contemporary achievements in industry and trade. It ends with the bold and confident statement that “Kilmarnock is the most convenient centre for pilgrims to the Land of Burns who wish to get over the ground in an expeditious and systematic manner.”
This and further digitised pamphlets etc will be added to the Collections pages of this site.

You can access the Guide by clicking on here.

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