Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lecture Programme for 2013 - 2014

Kilmarnock & District History Group Syllabus 2013 / 14


1   October                   Dr June Neilson       Romano – Celtic Religious Deities of                      
                                                                         Northern Britain

15 October                  Jim O’ Neil                  The Fenwick Weavers

29 October                  Barbara Graham          Spies of the Elizabethan Era

12 November             Caroline Wilkinson     Depicting the Dead – Joint meeting
                                                                                    with  KESS

26 November              Dane Love                  The Covenanters and Ayrshire          

10 December               Tom Barclay                “1263 and all that” – The War with
                                                                        Norway and the Battle of Largs


7 January                     Allan Richardson        Beith Furniture

21 January                   John Burnett               Robert Burns – John Wilson and The
                                                                        “ Kilmarnock Edition”

 4 February                  Frank Donnelly           Sir Alexander Fleming           

18 February                 Tony Mulholland       Lewis Fry Richardson – Joint meeting
                                                                                    with KESS

4 March                       Jim Boyle                    The History of The Royal College     

18 March                     Members Open            AGM  Plus
Evening                       Kilmarnock in the 1960s and ‘70s

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